The friends of M.V. Freedom
Friends of M.V. Freedom
Providing access to the sea for people living with disability
To book please call 07974 266867


What type of people are we?

We are just local folk,of all ages, who are determined, to enable M.V. Freedom to sail as often as possible and to ensure that every passenger has the best possible nautical adventure.

What do you need to be a Friend?

A sense of humour, spare time and the ability to work as part of a team.

Throughout our sailing season Skippers and Crew are available to sail 2 trips a day from Monday to Friday.

In November the Boat is lifted out of the water, Crew, Skippers and other Friends of M.V. Freedom work on her upkeep and maintenance. It is impossible to guesstimate the amount of man-hours that this dedicated team, gives freely to the charity.

They all feel that they are more than rewarded, by the joy and fun that they share with our passengers.

Would you like to become a Friend of M.V. Freedom?

We need help with every aspect of the charity:

Promotion, Fund raising, organising events,  Scrubbing the decks, Web page, Facebook etc, Engineering skills, Painting and most important Tea makers and Cake bakers

How do you become a member of the Crew?

You contact us, we arrange for you to meet one of the Skippers.  He will answer all your questions, show you the boat and explain the training program, which is run by the Skippers.  If you are   a fun loving person and happy to commit, you will be warmly welcomed by all ‘Friends of M.V. Freedom’.

Here are some of the ‘Friends of M.V. Freedom’, who look forward to welcoming our passengers on-board: